Why Change to Non Breakable Locks

74% of burglaries are a result of the intruder gaining access through a door. To force a lock can take seconds and can be done using 4 main methods.

Lock Drilling

Locks can be drilled using a cordless drill which gives access within a few seconds.

Lock Picking

Locks can be picked however this usually needs to be done by a skilled locksmith and is not the cause of most break-ins despite what they show on movies.

Lock Bumping

Locks can be bumped by hitting a sharp object on the barrel of the lock with a hammer, this method is common with opportunist thieves.

Lock Snapping

9/10 of forced locks are snapped which is when an intruder uses a set of mole grips or something similar to actually break the front of the barrel of the lock clean off and after pushing the rest of the barrel through can gain quick access.

Why Choose Anti  Snap Locks

Modern lock barrels are designed to defend your home from all of the above attack methods and are called anti snap or non breakable locks. Many companies produce non breakable locks including Yale, Ultion, ABS and Chubb. Some manufacturers like Ultion even give a guarantee that if their lock is snapped and the intruder breaks in they will pay £1000.

The locks work by having break off points along the barrel and hidden locks mechanisms which engage when attacked.

We at Regal Home Design can give you a free survey of your existing locks to see if you are protected sufficiently and give you a no obligation quotation to change any vulnerable locks barrels. We also have a key cutting service for all keys.

Give us a call on 0121 270 5604 or email us at sales@regalhomedesign.co.uk  for further details.

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